About Us

Who are we?

Afrothai Company specializes in exporting goods and quality products from Thailand to Africa. With good relationships between Thailand and African countries. We aim to conduct business for the mutual growth of the company as well as the local communities we do business with.

In addition to selling products, our company is a distributor. We are also intermediaries between buyers and sellers in Thailand and Africa, with anyone who wants to buy/sell or exchange the products.

Our company works on 1) covering the needs of its customers and various production sectors in a price negotiation that satisfies both parties; 2) following up in the production process until the last step of delivering goods to the buyer either by sea transport or air transport.

Afrothai makes it easy for companies and businesspeople to find what they want in Thailand or what they want in Africa. It is an excellent way to open more doors in business opportunities between Thailand and African countries.

We are also working as a link between the investors who need to invest in investment projects (including small scale, major scale, large scale investment projects), private investment, and the government.

Our company is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company commits to bridging Thailand and Africa, bringing quality Thai products to African markets.

Why “Afrothai”?

Here are excellent reasons why we are the best company in this field.

Better quality products

Wide connections with African countries.

Faster handling and instant professional communication.

Strong relationships with Thai manufacturers and suppliers

Competitive prices.